Todays field trip (2/27/13) was to Boston. We visited an architecture firm called Bergmyer where Mrs. Chang's former student, Dan Ricardelli, works. I learned that to be an architect, you must go through a lot of schooling and have much experience to aquire the best jobs. Architects to a whole range of things from picking fabrics and tiles to designing the structure of a building. I, for one, think that this is one of the most interesting parts of architecture. BSA Space is a place where you can host or go to events involving architecture such as parties or confrences and other activities. It is a place where architects can display small scale models of their designs, buildings or whatever they created. I loved this idea because you could see a whole different veriety of ideaes and concepts which was very interesting. Below are some photos of the Bergmyer Firm and the BSA Space.

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