This photo shows that color and renovation is needed to brighten up and change the space. Our class got paint donated to transform it by adding variety to the space. This space is in the history hall in our high school and will be used by teachers for their classes. There are pictures below of the transformation.

Our assignment was to create a dream house on a software called sketchup. It allows you to build houses, add elements and components, and place objects in real spaces from google earth. Below are photos of the dream house I created.
After many weeks of hard work and determination, the entire class completed their piece of cardboard furniture. We then placed all of the furniture in the Gallery and took a snapshot. Pulling all aspects of the furniture together, we successfully created a livable, functional room.

My group and I had an assignment to build a piece of cardboard furniture that is able to be aesthetically pleasing, stable, functional and fits well in a room. Our group decided to build a cardboard bookshelf. We came up with many different ideas but finally came up with a mock staircase bookshelf. The bookshelf would work well because the books would be able to sit on the "stairs" of the bookshelf.  My group made it aesthetically pleasing by adding triangles to the front and side to tie the whole furniture together. Below are some pictures of the bookshelf.

There are many amazing buildings in the world and the amound is getting larger and larger. One of the buildings that inspired me is the Fallingwater building. It stretches out over a 30 foot waterfall without any support underneith. It is structurally sound and will not fall. It is inspiring because it is a very modern home which is something that I enjoy and it is beautiful. It is something that I see myself creating or helping to design in my future. Below is a link to some of the greatest in the world.
Here are some pictures.
My deam house is something I have been planning for a long time. I have always wanted a large house with a pool and a movie theater and large rooms. I would love to design all the rooms in my house to make them look just the way I want them to. Below are some pictures of types of things I would like to have in my dream house.
Todays field trip (2/27/13) was to Boston. We visited an architecture firm called Bergmyer where Mrs. Chang's former student, Dan Ricardelli, works. I learned that to be an architect, you must go through a lot of schooling and have much experience to aquire the best jobs. Architects to a whole range of things from picking fabrics and tiles to designing the structure of a building. I, for one, think that this is one of the most interesting parts of architecture. BSA Space is a place where you can host or go to events involving architecture such as parties or confrences and other activities. It is a place where architects can display small scale models of their designs, buildings or whatever they created. I loved this idea because you could see a whole different veriety of ideaes and concepts which was very interesting. Below are some photos of the Bergmyer Firm and the BSA Space.
The cardboard lounge chair that I found was interesting and fascinating because it is original and unique. It has style to in and it is aesthetically pleasing. Here are some photos below:

Here is the link to the website:
I did the 123 Sculpt app. This app is ok but it does not let you paint on top of an already made print. I tried to make an owl but had to change the animal because when I put a stamp or print of feathers on it, and tried to paint over it, the print went away. I then chose to do a dinosaur which in my opinion wasn't much better. The pre-made structures are not very fun to play around with because if you change one small thing, your whole project will be messed up. This is my review of the 123D App.